To purchase original artwork

To purchase any of the artwork on this page get in touch with me by using the contact page on this website and let me know the title of the painting you wish to buy and your full name and postal address. All sizes listed are unframed and the prices listed don't include postage and packaging. Postage and packaging will very depending on the size of the painting and wether UK or internationally dispatched. If you have any questions about a specific work or any other questions contact me and I will let you know all necessary details including accurate information about p&p  I accept payment via paypal, personal check or postal order. I will post your item as soon as I receive cleared funds.

                                                             Commissioned work

I also accept commissioned work of any kind. If you'r interested in commissioning a painting contact me discuss the details for example the medium you’d like e.g oil, acrylic. watercolour or pencil, if in oil or acrylic whether you’d like it on a canvas or board and the size you would prefer. I will need a clear photograph 600 mega pixels or above is preferred.

Art work available for purchase

Brantome                                                                                     Blue
  Oil on canvas 10'' x 8'' (254mm x 203mm)                            Oil on Canvas 12'' x 10'' (305mm x 258mm)
   £80                                                                                                      £80

                  Aishwarya Rai                                                          Waiting
        Oil on board 12'' x 9'' (305mm x 230mm)                                  Oil on canvas 15.75'' x 12'' (400mm x 305mm)
          £80                                                                                                 £80

                        Him                                                                                                 Angelina Jolie
        Oil on board 16'' x 12'' ( 404mm x 305mm)                                     Oil on board 12'' x 9'' (305mm x 230)
           £80                                                                                                       £60

                 Harvest Moon                                                                          Spirit
Oil on canvas 12'' x 10'' (305mm x 251mm)                                      Oil on canvas 16'' x 12'' (404mm x 305mm
£40                                                                                                           £50

Prints and Cards

For reproductions of all my paintings and drawings.